Personality, Perceptions, & Interpersonal Behavior Lab

Current PPIB Members

Kathryn Graeff  (RM)
Maya Daley
Emily Halvorson

Interested in joining the lab? Send me an email: kate-rogers[at]
*I especially encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply.


Erin Maynard – MS student, Research Psychology (UTC)
Jason Weber – MS student, I/O Psychology (UTC)
Lydia Fogo – MS student, I/O Psychology program (UTC)
Brittney Carneal – M.Ed student, School Counseling (UTC)
Nikki Brown – M.Ed student, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (UTC)

Lab Documents

SEPA 2017

Warner SEPA2017 Pons SEPA2017

Weber SEPA2017 UTC SEPA2017

SPSP 2018

hanson spsp 2018 graeff spsp 2018

warner spsp 2018