The internet is a pretty awesome thing and there are lots of smart people out there sharing their knowledge, advice, and (free) products that may improve your life as a student, researcher, and/or professor. Below are a list of some of my favorites that I am constantly recommending to others. Feel free to share your favorites that I’ve missed.

Productivity/Time Management
RescueTime (determine how much time you waste on your computer)
Dealing with procrastination (podcasts)
Asana (reduce emails, track completion by assigning tasks to your group)

Learning & Studying
Learning Scientists (great resources for students, teachers/professors, and researchers!)
How to study (videos)
Dealing with test anxiety

So you want to be a graduate student…
in clinical psychology
in psychology

Blogs that often highlight how to succeed in academia
Tenure, She Wrote
Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD
The Connections Lab

Research Blogs (personality/social, methods, stats)
The Hardest Science
The Personality Meta-Blog
sometimes i’m wrong
Will Gervais
Sherman’s Head